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Well, my name is Sarah Spice and i am 11 years old. I live in a very small town in Arizona called Top-Of-The-World- It has a population of 330 people.- If you are wondering what i look like i basically look like my gravatar... Brown hair and hazel eyes with slivers of blue and purple and gold in them. I have a sister Hazel and my mom, Zeena. My favorite drink is hot chocolate and my favorite food is cesar salad. My favorite band is nevershoutnever.

Ello gonva’!

Ello Govna’! (I’m not British..) My name is Sarah (Small bird) and I am a Poptropica reporter. I report on fashions because poptropica needs better outfits! I show you where to get the items. (and most of them you don’t need … Continue reading

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