Apply for job as reporter/(and or/ model!!

Happy Melon                           Small Bird                        Happy Spinner

Alex                                          Sarah                                  Charlotte

Alex, Charlotte, and I have been thinking that we need more models and reporters! 3 more models and 3 more reporters because all three of us are models AND reporters. In the comments tell us what you are applying for and why. To apply you must have more than 5 costumes.. you don’t need to have effects but it would help to give outfits more…um.. what’s the word.. awesomeness.. lol. Well. Apply. I’ll tell you the date i’ll announce who gets the jobs after we actually have enough people applied. Lol. So.. want the job?! APPLY NOW!! Remember, i need more than 6 people that have applied!! So again… APPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay! So i just though of something. Every reporter gets their own page to report on their fashions!! ❤ Fantabulous, Right!!!!???!! (Fan-tabb-u-luss) Fantabulous. (Fantastic and fabulous combined) Oh, and by the way. 3 people have applied. 2 for reporter and 1 for model. Get going everyone!! (By the way (AGAIN) they were both my neighbors…sisters. P: PEACE!! <_<… >_> FANTABULOUS! (Don’t correct me….) p.s. Their names are Lola and Clementine.. and they already have a job cause’ they would be crushed if i didn’t say yes. I don’t know why.. :D. Read their pages… 😀


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