Ello gonva’!

Ello Govna’! (I’m not British..) My name is Sarah (Small bird) and I am a Poptropica reporter. I report on fashions because poptropica needs better outfits! I show you where to get the items. (and most of them you don’t need credits for!!) Let me start with my first outfit, this one is the Greek rock star.

1. Get the blue earrings, blue (one sleeved) tank, and lips from the girl with a fruit basket on her head at mythology island

2.The grey vest is harder to find,

it has 3 black buttons and you can find it from poptropicans.. if you can’t find it the black or white vest will work.

3.Get the flippy bangs and gamer girl’s hair

4.last blue jeans that you can find ANYWHERE!!!

This is what it should look like (any hair color)

The second outfit is Cute photographer

1. Get a camera from the tourism center in shark tooth

2. Get a white skirt (with no tights) from poptropicans

3.Get the blue ve

st and blue hat from the girl at cryptids island

4. Get a mustache from a police officer at.. lol just kidding

5. Get wavy hair from poptropicans. (Or get the wavy hair from vampire girl 2 if you like it better)

This is what it should look like:

My third outfit is Boring school girl

1. Get braids from poptropicans..make your hair dark and get rid of all bangs hats or accessories

2. Get the blue vest from the girl at cryptids island

3. Get black pants from the cashier at reality T.v island

4. Get black lipstick lips from copy cat at superpower island (once finished…)

It should look like this:

Okay so that last one looks

kind of freaky! But don’t worry!! This is the FUN school girl!!!!!!

1. Let’s take care of those dark boring braids!! WITH NO BANGS?! Get bob with purple and pink headband with flippy bangs that you can find from poptropicans. Make it a brighter color like blonde or brown or brunette! What the heck, maybe even blue or purple!

2. No those pants are so boring! And there aren’t any accessories!! Get a white skirt with pink tights and a black and white polka dotted belt that you can find from poptropicans!!

3. NO LIPSTICK! CRAZY!!! Get a pink rose colored lipstick to bring out your colors!

It should look like this:

Comment and tell me what kind of outfits you want me to make!!

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